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- Good afternoon! My name is Olga and I am a human resources manager.

- Good afternoon! I am Sergey Pavlov and I'm currently applying for a position of a visa manager with your company.

- Why do you want to work in our company?

- I have a considerable experience in this area; I have so far worked in several travel agencies on similar positions. So, working for your company won't be challenging. I like my job.

- I see. What was you last work place?

- I worked at X travel agency, which offered tourist voyages over Europe .

- Why did you leave your job?

- The company cut jobs and finally went bancrupt.

- Tell me, please, about your educational background.

- Well. I graduated from Y State University in 2001, Faculty of Economics; afterwards I joined a post-graduate course and received a PhD. The thesis was public relations in the sphere of tourism. I also did a management training for the travel agency managers in 2005, for which I've got a certificate.

- You received good education. But why this position? Wouldn't you like to work as a university teacher?

- Yes, I wanted to try this sphere, but the salary is too low there. Therefore I chose a career in the commercial sector.

- I see. How do you understand your responsibilities?

- Well. I'm supposed to be in charge of consulting clients on visa regulations in different countries and assisting them in preparing the necessary set of documents. I will also be responsible for visiting embassies, submitting documents and getting visas for the clients or arranging on interview dates for them if needed.

- All these require good knowledge of English. As I can see, you know the language very well. But where did you learn it?

- I graduated from a specialized language school, I also studied English at the university and afterwards I passed a candidate exam of English, had got an excellent mark and did an English course to raise my language level.

- Thank you. What can you tell me about your character? Everybody has their strong and weak points, how can you describe yourself?

- Well. I have excellent communication skills. I have good people skills. I'm very helpful. As fro my weak points, I don’t like to get up early. But it doesn't mean that I'm not punctual. I'm always on time for work, take my word for that.

- Tell me, please, about your family.

- Well. I am single, I have no children. I live in my own flat alone.

- So, Sergey, it was very nice talking to you. I'm sure you will make a good candidate for this position. But as you might understand to know English means not only to be able to speak fluently, but to write and to understand English. Therefore I must be sure that you have these skills. I'd like you to take a number of tests. When are ready with those, please, give the papers to the office manager. I’ll check them later today, and if everything is fine, I’ll be in touch soon.

- Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you.

- OK. Have a nice day! Good bye.

- Good bye.



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